Welcome to the story of the Spirit of Tomorrow, also known as the "Teardrop"

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This web page is dedicated to the life of Horace Basil Oldfield, the man with more than one dream, and more than one accomplishment, one who designed and built this car at the side of his friend John Norton and his brother Brian Oldfield.  I had the pleasure of meeting this man by way of marrying his niece, Arlene Oldfield. This car was built between the years of 1938 and 1942 and served as our wedding car in 1985. It was also the wedding car of my wife's mother when she married Brian Oldfield in ........ Our daughter Marina also used the teardrop as her wedding car when she married her husband Gabe. ( I got to drive ) Nora accepted me into her family quite some time ago, with her blessing I am able to tell this story. That is Nora Oldfield pictured in the rear seat in the photo above.

The birthplace of one of a kind inventions.

At the corner of West Saanich Road and Sparton Road, at Prospect Lake in Saanich, a municipality in the the area known as Greater Victoria, British Columbia Canada, was a shop owned and operated by Basil (also known as Barney) Oldfield. This is a long and complex story, which when you are finished browsing this website I hope you will have knowledge of the car, but might be still thirsting for knowledge of the family. Please click on the chapters above to read the entire story and view the remarkable pictures. If you would like any further information contact info@spiritoftomorrow.com and I will attempt to answer them for you. Also if you have additional information or pictures, or if you find that any of the information contained here is inaccurate, I would like to hear from you and I will correct it. Please be patient regarding the reply time.... there are no full time paid employees here.