Here is an example of some spirit of tomorrow.

This photograph was taken by a local photographer in High Dynamic Range Imaging. (HDRi) while the car was in the lobby of the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria. The photographer's name is Evan Leeson and more of his work can be viewed at

Evan's rendition helped us in thinking that there if fact is a future for this car. It looks futuristic in this shot.

Past Events

After the teardrop completes it's showing at the Royal BC Museum, the next stop is in Reno Nevada during the first week in August 2009. The event is called "Hot August Nights"  There will be 5,500 unique cars and trucks present for your viewing pleasure. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please look up the car and mention that you viewed the website and we will give you a VIP tour.

2015 Update
Car Show May 29, 30, 31 Pearks Arena Victoria BC

Come and see the Teardrop at the "Rock and Roll for Little Souls" Car Show. The Teardrop is one of the feature cars. See you there.